Let your cat enjoy outdoor life safely

Safety first

Your cat gets to enjoy outoor life, you can enjoy the knowledge that your cats are safe.

Easy to install

With our convenient installation guide, you can install the system yourself. Do you prefer to have it installed? That's also possible.

Suitable for most fences

The Oscillot-system past fits most fences and is suitable for large and small gardens.

The Oscillot System

Would you like to let your cat enjoy outdoor life, but without all the dangers that this entails? Then you've come to the right place. Since 2007 our revolutionairy Oscillot system has been making gardens catproof worldwide. The Australian Oscillot system is catfriendly, easy and effective. Your cats finally get to enjoy the freedom of outdoor life. And you can enjoy the knowledge that your cats are safe because they can't get out of the garden. Additionally, because of the sleek design, the system blends in with your fencing. Watch the video for a demonstration:

How it works:

The paddle does the real work. It is a rectangular aluminum profile with four rotating blades. It is mounted along the lenght of the fence, and rotates when grabbed. A cat can't get a grap on the spinning aluminum and can't jump the fence. The conical knuckleposts are attached to your fence. Each knucklepost has bearings, where the pins of the paddles connect. This allows the paddles to rotate freely while remaining securely fastened. We recommend installing the Oscillot system on fences of at least 6ft (1,80 metres) high. If your garden fencing is lower, please contact us to discuss the possibillities for your garden.

zo werkt het

Paddle-set, grey

Paddle-set, merino

Dual knuckle post kit

Stainless steel bracket

Paddle-set: € 52,35

A paddle-set consists of 1 paddle and 1 knucklepost. The total lenght is 6,5 ft. (2 meters)

Dual knuckle post kit: € 15,85

An extra dual knuckle post kit is required for the end of each fence run. You will need extra dual knuckle post kits when installing over gates as well.

Stainless steel bracket: € 4,40

Do you need brackets to connect the knuckle posts to your fence? Then you'll need as many brackets as knuckle posts.

This illustration will help you calculate exactly what you need for your garden.
(Click for larger version)

example garden

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